Welcome to Beautiful Frugal Life everyone! 

We bet that the reason for you dropping by is that you want to shift that lavish and expensive lifestyle into something that would give you more savings and yet same, if not more satisfaction. Then you have come to the right place. We at beautiful frugal life will be your life coach in saving, cost-cutting, and economic buying. 

Where it started 

We have been there, done that. We know the struggle in impulsive buying and sometimes buying more than what is necessary. You cannot help it sometime as it is able to give you some sort of satisfaction in acquiring things others do not have. Having expensive things? Equally satisfying. We did that too, once. Honestly, we still do sometimes until now, although it may not be as extreme as before.  

So what changed?  

We suffered financially. I, personally, just woke up one day when I cannot anymore afford the most basic needs which include food and even the roof over my head. What’s worse is that I was pregnant then. I have nowhere to go, and only those expensive things I bought behind my back. I had to eventually sell them to keep me afloat as I looked for a job. Since then, I’ve sworn that I would never go back to my lifestyle before. I started living much simpler with the well-being of my daughter in my mind. I worked several jobs to raise savings for us. I researched on saving tips and applied this to my daily life. To say that this gave me extreme happiness was not exaggerating things. 

The Website 

I created this website to share my knowledge in creating a more frugal life for everyone. I know many have not realized it yet, not having gone through my bad experience themselves, and I don’t want them to reach that point. As early as now, I want them to get the information I didn’t have then. This website would give you the best tips on how to save in your daily lives.  

Wanting to know where to buy your needs without exhausting many resources? Looking for places to get big discounts and yet products still are made of high quality? Looking for tips on how to preserve the things you have for longer use? How about saving and investing? If so, then you do not have to look further because Beautiful Frugal Life is here for you.  

We give you the most updated tips we know to get you started. We’ll be there with you every step of the way. Learn where to buy clothes that would give you maximum satisfaction at a lower cost. Check out great finds on thrift stores, and even find ways on how to preserve foods to help you out on rainy days. We’ll even give you ways on how to build and renovate your homes without spending too much – materials needed, labor required, and the likes. We’ll even show you where to get the best garage door installation in Las Vegas without robbing your bank.  

All that and more only here at Beautiful Frugal Life!