Beautiful Frugal Life started in 2010. The number one goal is to give people a chance to have a more economical lifestyle that would benefit them long term and would prevent financial incapability, especially during emergency cases. We help you live on a budget and manage your expenses. We teach you how to live within your means and build your savings for future use.  

Have we been successful? So far we can say yes. We have been receiving unsolicited testimonials from our avid followers who benefited from the articles we published here –how we somehow saved them and helped them acquire more. We’ve been hearing people boast our service to their families, friends, and loved ones. What more, we have been a subject on many blog site due to the service we render to people. We are glad that our efforts are appreciated. We are happy that people find the result of our work life-changing. As such, we just become more dedicated to doing more.  

This is just the start. We are working in partnership with other companies to expand our reach. And we hope you could benefit from it too. The evidence of our success lies to people who succeed using the help we extend to them.  


The Author 

Beautiful Frugal Life is a product of efforts of many individuals who suffered from not being able to save when it counted. Having learned an important life lesson – savings will get you everywhere, they spend their free time in educating people and giving out important tips to success.  

They have been continuously invited to seminars to give inspirational stories that help people in their time of need. What more is that they guide people throughout the process especially when their resolve gets weaker. Follow their saving tips journey only here at Beautiful Frugal Life.